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Генеральный директор

Андреенков В. Г.

CESSI была создана группой ученых из Института социологии, в 1989 году - в самом начале периода радикальных преобразований в бывшем советском обществе. Изменения в экономике, политической системе и законодательстве открыли новые возможности для профессиональной деятельности социологов, а также для всех других специалистов.

Наша цель состояла в том, чтобы преодолеть трудности, связанные с методологией и практикой социальных исследований того времени. Среди наиболее важных задач, которые мы видели, были:

разработка регулярных национальных опросов общественного мнения с вероятностной выборкой городских и сельских районов по всей стране;

развитие сети профессиональных интервьюеров;

переход от самозаполняемых анкет к личным собеседованиям в домашних хозяйствах респондента;

применение новых технологий - телефонное интервью ранее не использовалось в Советском Союзе.

There was a growing interest in Russia and a need up-to-date information about public opinion on current issues of social and political life. And that was a rapid life.
Many multinational manufacturing companies began to look with more interest at the completely new and unknown Soviet market. There was almost no reliable information on consumer behavior and preferences.Consumers learned about a variety of new goods with the shift to active consumer choice.
Growing with the market, CESSI has gradually developed its philosophy as a company.
We pay a lot of attention to data quality. We approach each client personally. We always try to be flexible and innovative, using contemporary advancements in research methodology, marketing practices and modern technology.

Currently the area of market research and public opinion polling is much more diverse than only some 5 years ago. Being the leader in the field, CESSI pays primary attention to expansion into regions and enlarging our research activities in the CIS (former Soviet Union countries).

With more than 20 years experience in market research and public opinion polling in Russia and CIS, CESSI offers unique interviewing resources, research methodology experience, knowledge of the market and of marketing problems of the modern business, as well as flexibility, innovation and a personal approach aimed to provide better service to our clients.


In the days when Gorbachev's perestroyka program became widely known all over the world, a group of social methodologists from the USSR Academy of Sciences started getting the first reguests for conducting public opinion polls for U. S. and European media, such as The New York Times, Le Point, and Der Spiegel. They were the first in the USSR who started to use telephone surveys in larger SU cities.


CESSI - appeared as a company headed and founded by Vladimir Andreenkov, consisting of scholars from the Institute of Sociology at the USSR Academy of Sciences. It was one of the first independent non-governmental research organizations in public opinion and market research. This was the time when both economic and political systems of the USSR entered the stage of global transformation. Foreign investments into the Soviet economy were quite modest. Consumers learned about a variety of new goods with the shift to active consumer choice. The first international companies entering the market started to research their prospects of various products. CESSI worked for companies such as Gillette, HJ Heinz, Eastman Kodak, and Smirnoff.


The year in wich the USSR disintegrated - a time of despair and hope - brought the former Soviet states to the top of news programs. All international news agencies hunted for information on the situation in the former USSR. CESSI started a monthly national omnibus survey, the first regular study to track social and political developments in Russia that we conduct regularly since then.


The most important event of this year was a nartional Referendum on Yeltsin's presidency, the first democratic elections. During this referendum CESSI, being an independent information source, conducted the first exit poll in Russia together with Warren Mitofsky of CBS News. CESSI's exit-poll results were broadcast during Election Day by all major U. S. news agencies: CNN, CBS, NBC, the New York Times and others.


CESSI joins ESOMAR, the European society of market research professionals.


Following the rapid growth of the market, in addition to over 50 field representatives all over Russia, CESSI founded a new office in St. Petersburg. We esteblished the first focus-group facilities in St. Petersburg including an observation room with one-way mirror and advaced recording equipment.


To respond to the growing number of international studies across all states of the former Soviet Union, CESSI esteblished an office at the Kazakh capital of Astana to ensure better coordination of research activities in the Central Asian states. We also expanded our field network to over 110 areas (primary sampling units) in Russia.


The August financial crisis brought dramatic changes into the long-term and short-term plans of all the market actors, economists and politicians in Russia. In the situation when all companies felt the necessity for new strategies to survive, when unemployment, exchange rates and inflation indicatirs all jumped up, we managed not only to maintain our positions but even to expand our activities in the CIS states.


We founded our second office at the very heart of Moscow. State-of-the-art focus-group rooms include observation facilities with one-way mirror, built-in microphones, video and multimedia equipment. The new location has special rooms for in-hall tests and in-depth interviews. This year brought us a number of highly successful projects like CESSI's Cost of Living survey, which tracks changes in the cost of living in major cities of Russia, the Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

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