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Almost all HR departments in the companies are facing the task to offer adequate compensation policy – timely indexation of wages and salaries, offering compensation payments according to the change in cost of living in different regions. CESSI Cost of Living Index for Russian regions helps to solve these tasks. It reflects the change of prices for goods and services included in consumer basket for different population groups and different categories of employees. It serves as comparative basis for evaluating cost of living differences between regions.


CESSI studies labor markets in different regions of the country as well as the channels of recruitment and motivational factors to attract labor force, offer competitive compensations and benefits, forms of payment and other ways of stimulating employees. This information is crucial when a company plans opening new chapters, divisions and productive facilities, retail or service outlets in new parts of megalopolises, new cities, smaller places where potential size and the characteristics of labor forces are not known.

Another key field is evaluating effectiveness of different forms to attract personal and consulting about relevant motivational stimulus for different professional groups and segments.


Defining offering optimal wages, salaries, compensations and benefits depends on many factors but one of the key among them is competitiveness on labor market on particular region or for particular professional segment. The invaluable help for HR departments in solving this uneasy task is provided by the “Survey of wages and compensations”, conducted in different regions, cities, micro-municipal areas and among different professions and groups of employees. On the basis of information from these surveys companies can develop effective strategy of positioning among other employers in the region or industry, understand and emphasize their strengths as employers, rely on informed planning of budget for personnel and get the most for this budget. 


The feedback from employees about the corporate mission, company’s strategy, tracking working climate and loyalty and satisfaction of employees as well as timely retrieving issues or problems in the everyday life of a company are the important components of effective human resource policy. Taking into account the importance of such information, many companies start collecting it using inner resources. But the experience and skills of professionals in this area can make this work more effective and ethical. Skills in defining the problem, designing survey instrument which help to collect relevant information and quick data processing are the key elements in successful corporate survey. Some sensitive or personal issues can be studied by neutral institution outside the employer only, and they require special methods providing confidentiality and anonymity for respondents, stimulating open, free and sincere expression of concerns and opinions. Experience gained by CESSI for three decades of work in this field helps to conduct corporate surveys professionally, cost and time effective and ethical respecting the needs and demands of the managing part of the company and rights and needs of ordinary employees.


High reputation of the company as an employer plays an important role in attracting the most professional and motivated personnel, developing effective compensation policy, maintaining stability and continuity among personnel and stimulating the accumulation of professional experience within a company. The reputation of employer is built up among different stakeholders – personnel of a company, members of their families and close people, professional community, business groups, government and regulating authorities, professionals in education system responsible for teaching new potential personnel, general population, students and young people. CESSI conducts integrated comprehensive studies of reputation of employers among different stakeholder’s groups, the analysis of reputational benefits and risks, reputational competitiveness of a company, provides information basis for developing effective corporate policy of the company in relations with personnel.

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