During all years of its history CESSI maintains close ties with largest academic research centers and international survey organizations across the world. CESSI scholars are well-known scientists and experts in the methodology of survey research, comparative surveys, questionnaire design and translation, methodological aspects of studying life values and attitudes, constructing social indicators, and also in the different social science fields – political sociology, social stratification research, sociology of professions and many others.


CESSI cooperates with the Institute of philosophy of Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Sociology of Russian Academy of Sciences, Highest School of Economics and many other Russian academic institutions. CESSI is involved in research projects with leading international research organizations - GESIS (Germany), FORS (Switzerland), City University London (UK), Maryland University (USA), University of Notre Dame (USA), Iowa University (USA), Pew Research Center (USA), etc. The results of this cooperation are the implementation of important sociological research on life values, labor values, adaptive professional strategies in time of modernization, studies of entrepreneurship and issues of professional education, labor and professional activities and promotion.

CESSI is the winner of many international and Russian scientific tenders and calls for research grants. Independent reviewers and funding agencies highly evaluated CESSI research proposals and high standard of survey implementation.

Since 2006 CESSI works in the largest and the most reputable European comparative project in Europe – European Social Survey (ESS). ESS is currently the leading platform for developing comparative research methods in social sciences in general and in different aspects of comparative survey methodology – questionnaire design and testing, designing comparative samples, constructing comparable socio-demographic data (on education, professions, ancestry, etc.). The materials and results of this survey are allocated in free access on website of the project and website for Russian social survey

CESSI conducts public opinion polls on important issues of politics, social relations, government policies, socio-economic issues. Polls are based on probability random samples of general population using different modes – personal at-home interviews, telephone interviews, online surveys. Public opinion polls are conducted also in separate regions (oblast/ krai, republics) and municipalities on local issues and regional public agenda.


Politics is one of the most dynamic and unpredictable areas in all countries of the former Soviet Union – from Baltic countries to Central Asia. In this multi-facet and competitive economic and political environment any predictions are more difficult than even few years ago. CESSI provides unbiased and reliable information to mass media, information agencies, political analysts and political scientists which help in designing and performing election campaigns, conducts the extensive analysis of national public agenda, interests, needs and demands of different social groups, measures the position and rating of politicians, parties, institutions, issues, evaluate political claims, statements and different policy options. CESSI helps to understand motives and needs of social, economic and professional groups, strengths and barriers of different policy decisions.

In the day of elections all information agencies and stakeholders are seeking to learn the results as soon as possible. First Exit Poll was conducted by CESSI in 1993 Referendum in Russia with the methodological support of world leading scholar on exit polls Warren Mitofsky for the consortium of Western and domestic mass media. Our results were widely broadcasted by major news agencies and media CNN, NTV, CBC, NBC, Reuters, Russian channels. CESSI perceptions are precise and reliable and in the same time the most resource-effective relying.

CESSI is an expert in studying key social problems of modern society, such as health, medical provision, education, employment, demographic issues, social problems of sciences, technologies and innovations, issues of migration and inter-ethnic relations, religions and human values.

When conducting any large-scale social programs – educational, charity, information or any other, one of the key elements of successful implementation of the project is information about effectiveness of program and it’s elements – actions, events, campaigns. Feedback from participants and stakeholders gives confidence that resources and efforts were spent properly and that positive and negative experience is analyzed and accumulated for further projects. CESSI is an expert in conducting evaluation studies, measuring impact and consequences of social campaigns. Methods of evaluation include interviews with social groups targeted for the impact, comparative evaluation with reference groups which were not impacted, in-depth interviews and focus-groups with participants and organizers of social programs, diaries, online forums and whiteboards before, during and after the campaign.


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